WIT is looking to expand our blog by adding more regular guest posts! So, if you are a woman with experience in the academic study of Christian theology—either as a graduate student or as a professor—and have some topics that you have been thinking about recently that you would like to get out to the public, please reach out to us!

Do you discuss theology on Facebook? Do you tweet a bit of theology in response to the world around you? So much creative and interesting conversation is buried in our various feeds. Take that comment, and turn it into a short ‘hot take’ or guest post and put it somewhere where readers can find it well after it disappears from their screen.

If you are interested in contributing a guest post, please send us your post by email to witheology@gmail.com. Blog posts should be around 500–1000 words and we are open to any topics that you think would fit well with the aim of our blog. You should include a brief biographical statement to be included with your post that explains some of your theological background. See our other guest posts for examples of these biographical statements: https://womenintheology.org/category/guest-post/

There will be two categories for guest posts: (1) hot takes (i.e. related to current events) and (2) quarterly submissions. If your post fits into the first category, please write your email subject as “Hot Take: [Blog Post Title]” so we know to look at it right away. If your post is on another topic and you want it to be considered as part of our quarterly guest post submissions, please write your email subject as “Guest Post: [Blog Post Title]”. We will have regular quarterly deadlines each year: November 15, February 15, May 15, and August 15.

We accept guest posts from women in all Christian denominations. Women of color, trans and queer women, international scholars, and those who do comparative theology are encouraged to participate. Please contact the editors at witheology@gmail.com with any questions.

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