WIT Contributors

Regular Contributors are core members of WIT who commit to writing a minimum of 6 posts throughout the year. Each regular contributor writes solely from her own perspective, moderates her own comments, and votes on all decisions affecting WIT. Every couple of years, WIT puts out a call for more regular contributors, though it will also consider applications at any point in time.

Guest Posts

When the occasion suits us, we invite specific women to write guest posts on topics related to current events and relevant theological conversations. These posts deeply enrich the content of WIT.

Anonymous Posts

Occasionally we invite posts from other women who would like to tell their story and/or make a theological point considered to be controversial. Sometimes these women wish to remain anonymous for any variety of reasons, often so that they do not suffer negative consequences in their professional lives. Because WIT respects the need to contribute to a theological conversation while remaining safe, it allows for the option of anonymous posting.

Contributing to WIT

If you would like to join WIT in any of the above capacities, please contact us. A contributor will get back to you as soon as possible. All requests should include: a sample post (or the text of a Guest Post) and a brief description of your interest in WIT. If you would like to be a regular contributor, please describe (briefly) your academic background, theological focus, and particular blogging interests.