The election has not been decided yet, although it looks as though Donald Trump will win.  I offer the following thoughts, which I hope will not become reality. Some might say that this is the time for more caution and self-protection.  I believe this moment demands the opposite.

Muslim Americans, Latino/as, Jewish Americans, African-Americans, my fellow LGBT folk: I have your back no matter what happens tonight. A Trump presidency can’t keep us from loving each other and fighting for one another. I won’t let those who hate us, want us to go away, or simply don’t care about us keep us from having each other’s backs.

Rudy Giuliani compares Trump’s potential win to Andrew Jackson’s, the guy who violently conquered the Seminole Indians, orchestrated the Trail of Tears, and was a super fan of slavery. Yep, sounds about right.

Mainstream Republicans decrying Trump as the end of the Republican Party: no, he’s the logical culmination of the Southern strategy that kept an otherwise doomed party alive. The biggest difference between Trumpites and mainstream Republicans is that the latter thought white supremacy could be decent and dignified.

This is always the case for people of color so I know that my sense of heightened fear is a reflection of my white privilege and all the violence and evil that created it, but, for the first time in my life,  I’m not just upset at the thought of a certain presidency, I am scared.

People who feel political fear for the first time in their lives, especially those of us who are white, how will we react to this moment?  Will we recoil in self-protective cowardice? Or will we open our arms even wider?  Will we risk the vulnerability that love requires?

A Trump Presidency may be a catastrophe, but it also provides us an opportunity to demonstrate our love for others beyond even the faintest shadow of a doubt.

Which side are you on?

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  1. Today, November 9, we recall the vicious Kristallnacht pogrom against the Jewish people at the hands of Nazis in Germany. Thank you, Katie, for putting forward solidarity in the midst of our own moment of deep uncertainty.

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