Following in the footsteps of the original Ryan Gosling meme (“Hey girl, I can’t wait to meet your parents and all of your friends”) and its feminist follow-up  (“Hey girl. When he said it was possible to talk about cultural marginalization and borderlands WITHOUT mentioning Gloria Anzaldúa I was like ‘Oh no you didn’t!'”), my new favorite meme of all time is …

Feminist Catholic Stephen Colbert.

A project of the Women’s Ordination Conference Young Feminist Network, “Good Catholic Girls” pairs photos of everyone’s favorite Catholic news satirist with lines sure to melt the heart of any woman who just happens to be nerdfully conversant in feminist Catholic theology patois.

Some of my own favorites (non-exhaustive):

  • Hey Girl. You know I’d never ignore your primacy of conscience.
  • Hey Girl. I’ve got a sickness only newly-named Doctor of the Church Hildegard of Bingen can cure.
  • Hey Girl. I love feminist theology, too. You can borrow my Elizabeth Johnson anytime.

When we first saw “Good Catholic Girls,” they hadn’t yet put up the “Who are Good Catholic Girls?” page… and all of us at WIT were convinced we had to know the maker, as it’s pretty much tailor-made humor for the eight of us. In fact, several of us were convinced that another WIT had to be behind it, as it seemed so unlikely that anyone else would get such a kick out of this kind of a thing.

But if your sense of humor happens to be identical to that of the women of WIT and if certain elements of the Church have got you down, check out Good Catholic Girls and chortle through your day, imagining all the theologically-astute anti-patriarchal comments Stephen Colbert might make as you wait together for the next Women & Religion panel to begin at the annual conference of your choice.

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