About two weeks ago, a U.S. led NATO airstrike in southern Afghanistan killed seven civilians while they were going about their daily lives, working in their fields.  Six of these seven civilians were children and five of these children were the two sons and three daughters of Mohammad Rahim and were all in between the ages of four and twelve.

Will we pray for them in mass this Sunday?  How many of us have even thought of them at all?

3 thoughts

  1. We call ourselves a “Christian Nation” even while we tear apart the bodies of others who God loves. Perhaps we should be praying ardently for our own conversion?

  2. Barbara. America has been tearing apart the bodies of those who got in its way from the very beginning.
    First the “Indians” who quite rightly resisted the theft of the lands and resources.
    And then via the bogus justification of “manifest destiny”, the Monroe Doctrine etc etc.
    For instance check out what the USA did to the people of the Philippines when they quite rightly resisted the USA take-over of their country. And that was just the start.
    Plus the truth about the applied politics of that “most religious” of countries, namely the USA.


    Plus check out this site re a dreadful all-American institution which has always had the very active support of USA right-wing Christians.


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