I’ll probably upload a post tomorrow or Monday with some personal reflections on women and the communion of the saints — I do try to organize my life according to the liturgical year… to an embarrassingly nerdy extent… — but for now, I direct you to this post over at PrayTell: “All Saints–A Solemnity of Women?”

A preview: “It is no great secret that the official Calendar of Saints is marked by a numerical imbalance regarding the women and men who have come to be recognized as saints. Simply put, the Roman Catholic sanctoral cycle includes far more men than women and thus seems to privilege male versions of the holy life.”

While you’re over there, check out the next post down, as well: a study conducted in Ireland reveals that 73% of Irish Catholic women do not believe their church “regards women with a lot of respect,” while 94% of Irish Protestant women say that their church does.

So, give a read, and stay tuned.

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